Kylie Jenner responds to lab photo reaction

“Wow, there’s some serious gaslight going on here.”

Kylie Jenner is certainly no stranger to backlash — but she decided to respond to a post where she spoke out about photos of her in a cosmetics lab.

Of course, Kylie is the face of Kylie Cosmetics — and her latest social media posts showed her in a lab mixing pigments, standing by a giant foundation mixer, and walking around the facility.

In a TikTok vlog of the experience, Kylie says, “We are in Milan for 24 hours to visit all the makeup factories to see if any new Kylie Cosmetics stuff is coming.”

On her own Instagram, Kylie shared a series of photos of her with the caption, “In the lab, creating new magic for you guys – better than ever.”

However, the posts were soon criticized as people noted that Kylie wasn’t wearing PPE outside of a lab coat:

One person to call Kylie was Emmy-winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennet. In a post on his own page, he wrote in the caption: “Kylie makes her followers think she’s making cosmetics. And I’d like to know which unwitting manufacturer (in Italy) gave her this photo setup in their lab and on the production floor.” – without following proper sanitation protocols.”

“People, this is not the way we make cosmetics and misrepresents how our industry works. Credible manufacturers follow STRICT sanitation protocols to protect you,” he continued, before adding the hashtag “ShameOnYou.”

It appears that this message has reached Kylie in particular, as she replied personally. “Kevin – this photo was not taken in a factory,” she wrote.

“I would never evade sanitary protocols and no other celeb or beauty brand owner. That is completely unacceptable, I agree.”

“This is a small personal space that makes my own fun samples and photos for the content, nowhere near mass production. Nobody is endangering customers! Shame on you Kevin for spreading false information!!!!” she said.

Kevin wasn’t a fan of Kylie’s response, though: “So you stood on a platform and looked into an expensive homogenizer that had processed at least 50 liters of a complexion product (the product that still covers the mixing paddles) with no PPE or your hair tied back, “But this isn’t a cosmetics production facility? It’s a personal space? Wow, there’s some serious gaslight going on here.”

“@kyliejenner shame on me? NO shame on you or whoever takes care of your social media for trying to make everyone think I’m to blame. Just take responsibility for your mistake and move on,” he wrote in a follow-up comment.

That said, the makeup artist did note that Kylie wasn’t the only celebrity to create such content — Selena Gomez also made a video where she appeared to be mixing makeup without any personal protective equipment. “I only saw the Kylie post because so many people DMed me to go to the @kyliejenner IG account and comment on the utter disregard for sanitary protocols at a cosmetics manufacturer,” he wrote. “Interesting…I wonder why people threw Kylie under the bus faster than Selena?”

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