Kate Beckinsale shows off abs, legs in strapless bikini photo

  • Kate Beckinsale was busily showing off her stuff on Instagram this week in a tiny bikini, and her abs and legs were ultra-sculpted.
  • The actress, 49, works with trainer Brad Siskind and hits the gym six mornings a week.
  • Kate also does a lot of yoga to prevent injuries from all that hard training.

Summer isn’t over until Kate Beckinsale says so.

The 49-year-old star got busy making a runway out of her driveway, walking around in a bikini and a long lime green cover-up on her Instagram Story. Kate’s hair is pulled back into her iconic high ponytail and she’s rocking a pair of high platform shoes that look like they need special training to put on.

But not Kate. Her miles of legs and sculpted abs are stronger than ever as she walks down her driveway.

Kate is known for being a total badass at the gym, so it’s no surprise that she’s as strong (and poised in those heels) as she is. The actress works with trainer Brad Siskind, who works at celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson’s gym. Kate works at least six mornings a week, and “the whole hour is work,” he told WH.

Kate has (luckily!) broken down her whole routine so everyone can follow at home. She starts with a full-body workout of eight compound exercises. Each exercise works two muscle groups at once so that they get the most out of each session. The moves include things like bicep curls with a squat and sit-ups with combination punches. Relief! I’m already sweating reading that.

Also, the actress keeps injury free by practicing yoga. “I didn’t get hurt while making an action movie, and I think it’s partly from practicing yoga,” she said. WH.

Kate also gives a whole new meaning to the phrase cat pose in this IG post as she literally balances her cat while doing yoga. (Also, I should note the cat’s incredibly glamorous look!) The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She has also done a goat yoga session before, which I think is very nice.

Thanks for providing all the fitspo, Kate!

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