GTA 5, Elden Ring and more could come to Xbox Cloud Gaming

Several games that are not part of Xbox Game Pass may be coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

As noted by Twitter user @KnoelbelbroetXbox store pages for GTA 5, Elden Ring, and Soul Hackers 2 have all received Cloud Gaming Beta logos.

However, when VGC tried to play the games, we received an error message, suggesting that the labels were applied too early or incorrectly.

Xbox – July 2022 Games with Gold

Microsoft confirmed earlier this year that it plans to give Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members the ability to play games from the cloud that they already own or purchased outside of the Xbox Game Pass library.

At the time, it said the functionality would be added later this year.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming has been allowing users to stream their Game Pass games using Microsoft’s Cloud technology for some time now, but until now this has been limited to games that are part of the Game Pass service.

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced a significant performance boost for Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS devices.

“At Xbox Cloud Gaming, we listen to and value player feedback. You asked for a better iOS experience, and as a result, we’ve made significant performance improvements to all supported iPhone and iPad devices,” it said in an Xbox Wire message earlier this year.

“With these updates, you should have a smoother and more responsive gameplay experience.”

Microsoft also plans to introduce mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Cloud Gaming. At this time, Xbox Cloud Gaming only supports controllers and touchscreen controls on mobile devices.