GKD Mini Plus Classic: Launch price confirmed for compact gaming handheld

Game Kiddy (GKD) finally seems ready to offer the Mini Plus Classic, two months after teasing the device alongside the regular Mini Plus. To recap, the Mini Plus and Mini Plus Classic are comparable gaming handhelds. However, the latter does not have a removable element like the Mini Plus. Instead, the two joysticks are fixed, giving the Mini Plus Classic a larger footprint than the Mini Plus when removed from the case.

Theoretically, the GKD Mini Plus Classic is capable of emulating over 2,500 games using the Rockchip RK3566 chipset and 1GB of RAM. However, how well these games run on the device’s 3.5-inch and 640 x 480-pixel display remains to be seen. Despite the performance, the Mini Plus Classic also has integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, where you can connect to the first wireless controllers.

Additionally, the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity unlocks multiplayer options, with two Mini Plus Classic consoles able to communicate over a local network. According to GKD, the Mini Plus Classic will soon be available on Kickstarter for $139, after which the price will increase to $279. The company has not confirmed when the device will reach the crowdfunding platform, although you can currently pre-order a unit for US$1 at the Game Kiddy website.

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