Fortnite developer Epic Games backs Aussie NFT racing game Torque Drift 2

Australian indie gaming studio Grease Monkey Games just soared with financial backing from Fortnite developer Epic Games for its racing title Torque Deviation 2.

So just one of the biggest names in the mainstream gaming industry. It’s a fun little news bomb to round out the week, and one that should make the thumbs of crypto gaming believers tremble with excitement.

Since this is a game built on blockchain technology with play-and-earn/NFT economics, it may at the same time seriously annoy at least half of the traditional gaming industry. It is common knowledge that many in the legacy industry seem to think that NFTs and crypto gaming in general are a waste of space and effort.

That said, we’re sure there are several established AAA gaming developers with serious chops making the switch. For example, the founders of two major games in development, Civitas and Shrapnel.

Melbourne-based Grease Monkey Games also has extensive experience developing AAA games and is now a subsidiary of formerly ASX-listed Animoca Brands. The latter is one of crypto’s powerhouse gaming and NFT producers and venture capital financiers.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming game… We can already see why it’s garnered some epic attention…

Epic Games funding will help develop drift physics

According to an announcement from Animoca Brands, Grease Monkey Games now joins a lineup of “Epic MegaGrant” recipients awarded to notable, Unreal engine-using gambling companies in 89 countries. These grants can range from about US$5,000 to as much as US$500,000.

Unreal Engine is a 3D graphics game engine first developed by Epic Games in 1998, which has grown into a ubiquitous game industry since the massive success of the Battle Royale hit. Fortnite.

The Grease Monkey Games grant will be used to support the development of new drift physics in Torque deviation 2which the company says will produce its “most immersive and lifelike motorsport game yet”.

Torque Deviation 2 is the latest addition to Grease Monkey Games’ motorsport game portfolio and Animoca’s REVV Motorsport ecosystem.

As the announcement explains, “the game represents the next generation of motorsport products leveraging blockchain technology, with fully functional and playable NFTs being a core feature used to deliver true digital ownership of game assets to players.”

NFT cars, decals, paint jobs and more

The game will be, as the title suggests, a drifting motorsport title, which will include an initial tuning garage teaser feature available in the third quarter of this year before full release sometime in 2024.

The NFT components to be owned by the player include cars, parts, decals, paint jobs, tuning and various items for improving vehicles and profile status, as reported by Cointelegraph. All of these NFTs, explained further in this article, can be bought and sold on the game’s dedicated NFT marketplace.

It’s a big leap into the crypto/NFT world, not just for Epic Games to back it up, but for Grease Monkey Games, who only joined Animoca in February of this year, and has long established itself as a mainstream gaming success with past titles Pair Burnout and Couple Driftwhich together have more than 45 million worldwide downloads.

As for Animoca Brands, we know it has been one of the biggest proponents of the digital property rights that NFTs represent and the power potentially impacting gamers and the gaming industry for quite some time now.

It’s chairman and founder Yat Siu preaches the topic here very nicely, in fact…

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