Football news 2022: Mohamed Buya Turay misses wedding, brother enters

A football player missed his own wedding day to sign up for a new team.

Mohamed Buya Turay was not there on his big day as he agreed to a different kind of contract instead, The Sun reports.

The Sierra Leone international signed for Sweden’s Malmö this summer after a period in China.

And Malmö was so eager for the 27-year-old to join the squad as soon as possible that he missed his own wedding.

Though Turay made sure bride Suad Baydoun wasn’t alone—by sending his brother to take his place.

The attacker was revealed as a Malmö player on July 22, while Turay’s wedding took place the day before, minus the groom.

Fortunately, the happy couple had cleverly snapped wedding photos before the star was forced to fly to Sweden.

Turay hilariously told Swedish outlet Afton Bladet: “We got married in Sierra Leone on July 21.

“But I wasn’t there because Malmö asked me to come here earlier.

“We took the pictures in advance. So it seems like I was there, but I wasn’t. My brother had to represent me at the wedding itself.”

Turay admitted he is still not reunited with his current wife.

He continued: “I will try to get her to Sweden and Malmö now so she can be close to me. She will live here with me.”

The attacker now hopes he will be nearby to catch the plane for his honeymoon.

But he is looking forward to a championship win.

Turay concluded: “First we have to win the competition and then I go on my honeymoon.”

The attacker made his debut in Malmö in the preliminaries of the Europa League in midweek.

This article was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission

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