Flash star Ezra Miller linked to mother and three children reportedly missing in Vermont

A young mother and her three children who reportedly lived with Ezra Miller on the actor’s Vermont ranch are reportedly missing.

The Vermont state police are looking for the 25-year-old woman and her children — ages five, four and one — believing the Flash star may hide their whereabouts, rolling stone reported on Wednesday.

According to court documents obtained by the publication, officers say they tried at least twice over the weekend to get the mother emergency care requested by the prosecutor’s office, which demanded that the youths be evicted from both the property and the property. her concern had to be removed. New York Post reports.

But Miller allegedly told police the family hadn’t lived there for months, which the prosecution said appeared to be an attempt to “evade” the order.

rolling stone reports that during one of the authorities’ visits to the 96-acre estate of Stamford to locate the family, Miller was charged with burglary for allegedly breaking into a house and stealing several bottles of alcohol in May.

A local source told the magazine that multiple agents were present Benefits of being a wallflower star was home for nearly an hour on Tuesday evening, although the reason was not made clear. When contacted by rolling stoneA police spokesperson referred the outlet to the Vermont Department for Children and Families, which declined to comment over confidentiality concerns.

The outlet also notes that the mother was posting daily to social media from the property until mid-July, when her account went black and appeared to have been deleted.

Miller representatives did not immediately respond to: Page six‘s request for comment.

The warrant was reportedly issued out of fears for the safety of the children, as Miller’s property is reportedly littered with firearms, ammunition and marijuana.

Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, including the children’s father, have leveled the allegations rolling stone in an exposé published in June.

Two of the sources claimed that there were unattended weapons around the Fantastic Beasts star’s house, with video footage resembling weapons standing next to stuffed animals.

A source added that the one-year-old once allegedly picked up a loose bullet and put it in her mouth.

In addition, both sources claimed frequent and heavy marijuana was used in front of the children.

According to rolling stonethe woman moved herself and her children to Miller’s house in mid-April, after meeting in Hawaii the month before.

She insisted on publication in June that Miller “provided a safe environment for (her) three very young children.”

With a “bad feeling in (his) stomach”, the father contacted DCF services and the local police in mid-May to conduct welfare checks on his children.

A social worker is said to have visited Miller’s ranch on May 16 and told the father that his children “looked good” but felt they had “more work to do,” according to text messages reviewed by rolling stone.

This is the latest in a series of legal issues for the actor, who was arrested twice in Hawaii earlier this year — once for disorderly conduct, against which they begged no contest, and another for allegedly giving a chair to a woman. have thrown. Miller – who uses the pronouns she/them – has also been charged with “grooming” a teenager and a restraining order was issued against them by a woman and her 12-year-old child.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and is reproduced here with permission

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