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rare and expensive xbox games

The rare and expensive Xbox games you want in your collection (Image: MICROSOFT GETTY)

Xbox is currently in a renaissance era, with Phil Spencer and co creating a bona fide hit service in Game Pass and creating two brilliant next-gen systems that have captured the attention of gamers. After falling out of favor with the disastrous launch of Xbox One, Microsoft has been working little by little to turn things around and be on track for their best generation yet. It’s undoubtedly a great time to be an Xbox fan. And if you’ve been working at Xbox since Microsoft first entered the gaming world in 2001, you might have some rare and valuable games lying around that could make you a ton of extra cash.

The rarest and most expensive game collectibles are: found with PlayStation and with Nintendosuch as the Nintendo PlayStation prototype console (which is worth over £1.3 million) and an unopened copy of Super Mario Bros for the NES (which sold at auction for nearly £2 million).

Xbox hasn’t released that much over its history, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make huge profits if you happen to have a rare game item hiding in your collection.

Here are the retro gaming collectibles – and newer releases – that have gone up in value…

xbox halo

The limited edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X has increased in value (Image: MICROSOFT)

Most expensive Xbox Series X games

The Xbox Series X was released almost two years ago and since its launch, the powerful Microsoft console has been in high demand and hard to come by.

For a long time, this led to the Xbox Series X – along with the PS5 – being sold at high prices by scalpers on the second-hand market.

But thankfully the Xbox Series X has been more widely available and in stock in the UK in recent months.

So if you have a regular Xbox Series X, you can’t sell it at as high a markup as before. However, there is one console that is still being sold at an inflated price.

And that’s the Halo Infinite Limited Edition Xbox Series X. According to PriceCharting, a website that tracks how countless games and consoles fall and rise in value, a new version of this console is worth £818.

However, it’s important to point out that this price is for the limited-edition Halo console launched in the US.

With retro games and gaming in general, the value of something can vary depending on the region it was released in and whether it’s complete boxed, loose, or brand new and unopened.

In addition to this Xbox, another American release is worth a considerable amount. That’s the Project Scarlett Microsoft Launch Team Controller.

This super rare Xbox Series X controller is worth a whopping £680 new.

Aside from hardware and accessories, the most expensive Xbox Series X game is Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed (2nd Coming).

Re-released in the United States, this limited edition game is worth just over £500.

assassin's Creed

The Legendary Edition of Assassin’s Creed Origins is worth around £1,500 new (Image: UBISOFT)

cyberpunk xbox

The collector’s edition of Cyberpunk 2077 for Xbox One has also increased in value (Image: CD PROJEKT RED)

Most expensive Xbox One games

Again, the most expensive Xbox One games have been released in the US, but there are some rare UK games to look forward to.

The most expensive Xbox One game is the legendary edition of Assassin’s Creed Origins.

A new limited edition version of the Assassin’s Creed game is worth more than £1,500, while a complete boxed version costs £1,178 and a single version nearly £1,050.

Another US release to look forward to is the Ferryman Code for Sea of ​​Thieves, with a new version worth £875.

In terms of UK games, the most expensive Xbox One release is the collector’s edition of Cyperpunk 2077.

A new version of this collector’s item is worth £357. The second most expensive release in the UK is the collector’s edition of Doom Eternal with a new version of this worth just over £300.

cave shooting collection

The Cave Shooting Collection is worth around £1,000 (Image: PLAY ASIA)

Most expensive Xbox 360 games

Xbox fans in the US, UK and Japan all have collectibles to look out for.

In the US, the most expensive Xbox item is the Halo Reach Edition Xbox 360 console.

A new version of this is worth £3,680, but a standalone version is worth £153 with a complete boxed edition £218.

So if you’ve been looking at that Halo 360 console for years, but never tried to break open the shrink wrap, it was well worth it.

In the UK, Saints Row: The Third (Platinum Pack) is the most expensive Xbox 360 collectible, with a new version worth over £500.

While in terms of Japanese releases the most expensive Xbox 360 game is Cave Shooting Collection. A new copy of this is worth almost €1,200.

daemon vector

Daemon Vector is exclusive to Xbox in Japan (Image: PLAY ASIA)

Most Expensive Xbox Games

The Xbox was Microsoft’s first attempt at a home console, launched in 2001 with arguably one of the greatest launch games of all time – the iconic Halo Combat Evolved.

And again, there are rare Xbox items released in the US, Japan, and the UK that have all increased in value over the years.

In the US, UK and Japan, the most expensive Xbox collectibles are all consoles.

In the UK it’s the limited edition Halo green Xbox system which is worth £915 new.

Blighty also has a number of Xbox games that are all worth a lot of money, such as Room Zoom (€811.66 new) and Xiaolin Showdown (€992.75 new).

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In the US, the most expensive Xbox collectible is the Xbox Partner Edition System.

A new version of this console is worth nearly £5,100 with a complete in box edition worth £2,123.37 and £1,516.69 loose.

As for Japan, the most expensive OG Xbox collectible is the Panzer Dragoon Orta console. This limited edition system is worth over £3,000 new.

As for games, Daemon Vector, which was released in Japan for the Xbox, is worth £1,322.06 new.

Daemon Vector is worth as much as one of those rare things – an Xbox console exclusive game released only in Japan.

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