Chicago PD Boss breaks down Upstead’s dynamic and ‘Fallout’ after season 10 premiere, plus conflict with Voight

Spoilers ahead for the season 10 premiere of Chicago PDcalled “Let it bleed.”

Chicago PD returned to NBC for season 10 as the only One Chicago show to have an instant time jump, though — as showrunner Gwen Sigan had revealed when discussing how “messy” the dynamics would get – just two weeks ahead. Voight was still reeling from Anna’s death afterward the disastrous season 9 finale, and his inability to come to terms with it affected the entire unit… especially Halstead and Upton. The two married detectives weren’t really fighting in ‘Let In Bleed’, but they weren’t at their best either. The showrunner spoke to CinemaBlend about their dynamics and how the conflict with Voight will continue.

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