Vladimir Putin is weakened and his opponents are preparing to strike

Alexey Minyaylo doesn’t know exactly when Vladimir Putin will fall from power, but he thinks it’s close. Minyaylo, 37, is perhaps best known in Russia for his efforts to get non-Kremlin-affiliated candidates on the ballot in Moscow’s 2019 municipal elections. In the protests that followed, he was charged with inciting riots and spent nearly three … Read more

Putin turns 70 with a prayer for his health amid war crisis

Kremlin leader faces mounting crisis in his war in Ukraine Allies pay tribute, but criticism of the military grows Patriarch prays for Putin’s health LONDON, Oct. 7 (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin turned 70 on Friday amid obsequious congratulations from subordinates and a plea from Orthodox Patriarch Kirill for all to pray for the health … Read more

World at risk of nuclear ‘Armageddon’ as Putin doesn’t bluff, Biden warns

AAs Britain faces continued power outages this winter as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Dutch gas grid operator said its import connections to the UK were one of the reasons why supplies will be secure. The National Grid warned yesterday that millions of households could cut off their electricity for three hours … Read more

Two dead, six injured after man allegedly stabbed showgirls and tourists on Las Vegas Strip

A man with a large kitchen knife reportedly killed two people and injured six others in a stabbing on the Las Vegas Strip before being arrested. Most important points: Two people were killed and six injured in what appears to be a random stabbing on Las Vegas Boulevard Yoni Barrios, 32, reportedly fled the scene … Read more

Sydney records wettest year since 1858 as Australia braces for more flooding

SYDNEY, Oct. 6 (Reuters) – Sydney experienced its wettest year in 164 years as authorities braced for major flooding in eastern Australia on Thursday, with more heavy rains expected over the next three days. With nearly three months to go from 2022, Australia’s largest city has recorded 2,200mm of rain in a year for the … Read more

The Day Care Massacre in Thailand Unites Families and a Country in Mourning

Uthai Sawan, Thailand CNN — Smears of dried blood still stained the wooden floor of a classroom in northern Thailand on Friday, a day after the country’s worst massacre took place in perhaps one of the most unlikely places. At the Child Development Center Uthai Sawan, uncollected school bags stood on colored shelves, and pictures … Read more

Health workers among dead in Ugandan Ebola outbreak | Global health

It seems like a normal day in Mubende, central Uganda. Shops remain open, children are in school and public gatherings are allowed, provided people remain socially distancing. The ambulances rushing past every few hours and the health workers meticulously washing themselves before going home are the only indications that things are not normal in the … Read more

Countries vote on UN report on China’s grave human rights violations in Xinjiang. to discuss

A human rights group has criticized Indonesia and Pakistan after they voted to block a UN Human Rights Council debate over human rights violations committed by Uyghur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang region. Most important points: Australia is not currently on the Human Rights Council, but joined the small group of countries that first formally called … Read more

Suspected Punjabi family murder had once worked for victims’ truck company and argued with them: The Tribune India

San Francisco, October 7 The suspect in the kidnapping and murder of an 8-month-old baby, as well as her parents and uncle, had once worked for the family’s trucking company and had a long-standing feud with them that culminated in an act of ‘pure evil’. said a sheriff on Thursday. The killings left family members … Read more

Biden Issues Sharp ‘Armageddon’ Warning About the Dangers of Putin’s Nuclear Threats

Washington CNN — President Joe Biden issued a stark warning on Thursday about the dangers behind Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats, as Moscow continues to experience military setbacks in Ukraine. “For the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, we have a direct threat of the use of (a) nuclear weapon if things actually … Read more