Small NIH study reveals how immune response triggered by COVID-19 can damage the brain

news item Tuesday 5 July 2022 Findings may provide insight into long-term neurological symptoms of COVID-19. A National Institutes of Health study describes the immune response triggered by a COVID-19 infection that damages the blood vessels of the brain and can lead to short- and long-term neurological symptoms. In a study published in BrainResearchers at … Read more

A rhythmic microbiome in the small intestine prevents obesity and type 2 diabetes

An estimated 500 to 1,000 bacterial species live in each person’s gut, perhaps 100,000 trillion microorganisms. In a new article, published on July 5, 2022 in Mobile Reportsresearchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine used mouse models to examine how diet and feeding patterns affect these gut microbes — and the … Read more

Cancer patient in Connecticut has been infected with COVID-19 for OVER 450 days

Connecticut cancer patient is longest-known COVID patient in the world: A person in his 60s has been infected for more than 450 days as the virus has mutated three times in him An unnamed cancer patient in Connecticut has been infected with COVID-19 for at least 471 days Researchers traced infections from a suspected extinct … Read more

7 Habits That Can Lower Your Dementia Risk

The seven habits are: exercise, lose weight, have a good diet, maintain healthy blood pressure, lower blood sugar, don’t smoke and regulate cholesterol. Scientists have identified 7 healthy individuals associated with lower rates of dementia in those at genetic risk According to a recently published study in Neurologythe medical journal of the American Academy of … Read more

Research identifies a molecule that stimulates fat burning

A study led by the University of Bonn has identified a molecule – the purine inosine – that stimulates fat burning in brown adipocytes. The mechanism was discovered in mice, but probably also exists in humans: if a transporter for inosine is less active, the mice remain considerably leaner despite a high-fat diet. The study, … Read more

Antibiotics safe for some outpatients with acute appendicitis

Certain patients with acute appendicitis who were discharged from hospital within 24 hours were treated safely on an outpatient basis with antibiotics, a secondary analysis of the CODA Collaborative trial found. Among more than 700 patients, serious adverse events occurred at 0.9 per 100 outpatients compared with 1.3 per 100 inpatients over 7 days, reported … Read more

Nine Omicron Covid Symptoms Affecting the Fully Vaccinated — And Signs You May Have It

The UK is currently embroiled in a fifth wave of Covid-19 infections, experts have warned, adding that summer festivals that bring large crowds together could become super-spreading events if precautions aren’t taken. The country saw a 43 percent spike in coronavirus cases in early June, seemingly caused by people gathering to celebrate the Queen’s platinum … Read more