Carlton’s bumper $20MILLION slots revenue was called into question as other AFL clubs stopped gaming

Carlton’s bumper $20MILLION slots revenue has been called into question as other AFL clubs insist they’re happy they’ve ‘completed their exit from the gaming industry’ Carlton has posted a great financial result, but slots remain the largest source of income The Blue’s 300 slot machines contributed $20,185,589 to the club’s coffers Many other AFL clubs … Read more

‘Call of Duty’ is coming to Nintendo and Arise Tarnished, there’s a new update for ‘Elden Ring’

In today’s gaming news, Phil Spencer announced a commitment to bring Duty to nintendo, Elder Ring gets a new update, while David Harbor has revealed that he will be starring in a horror game that may be released in 2023, and the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 killed a standalone multiplayer game that CD Projekt Red … Read more

The best Christmas gifts for PC gamers

Christmas is a great time of year for PC gamers as it usually means brand new accessories, funky lights, tech upgrades and possible grab even the latest, most coveted graphics card. While these trinkets usually come with a hefty price tag, there are also affordable, fun gifts for the PC gamer in your life – … Read more

World Cup Player Gets Gaming Setup Shipped To Qatar For Fortnite

Photo: Mike Hewitt (Getty Images) England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has made some useful saves in this World Cup so far, but between waiting for large parts of a game and then days between games, there’s a lot of free time to fill. He duly did so by bringing over a huge game line-up from home. … Read more

Asus TUF Gaming F17 (2022) review

With the prices of even budget gaming laptops steadily climbing in 2022, the Asus TUF Gaming F17 (starting at $899.99 and available for $699.99 right now) offers a rare wallet-friendly option. The TUF’s spacious 17.3-inch display has a 144Hz refresh rate, and the combination of entry-level CPU and GPU provides a comfortable 1080p gaming experience. … Read more

OKX Ventures Funds Web3 Gaming in New Partnership with

VICTORIA, Seychelles, Dec. 6, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OKX Ventures, the venture arm of the world-leading crypto platform OKX, today announced its investment in Thirdverse Group, a virtual reality and web3 gaming company headquartered in Tokyo. OKX Ventures will partner with Thirdverse to drive advancement and consumer adoption of web3 gaming. In particular, OKX Ventures … Read more