Can Mitch Trubisky sit on the couch tonight?

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Steelers have won a game and lost a game in 2022, but they have won few admirers for their attacking performances. With another game tonight in Cleveland and a mini-bye for a visit from the Jets in week four, things could change.

And while some are vying for the resignation of offensive coordinator Matt Canada, that won’t happen — at least not anytime soon. Teams do not have backup offensive coordinators. However, they have backup quarterbacks.

Not only do the Steelers have a backup, but they also have a waiting starter. A first-rounder who became popular as a starting quarterback for the local college team, and whose name has been sung by the paying customers in both the preseason and regular season.

As a league source explained to the PFT, Kenny Pickett is ready to go.

The Steelers may be ready to take Trubisky to the bank. While complaints have arisen about playcalling, recipients say they are open. Which means the plays are working. The process of handing them the ball is not.

The thinking in some quarters is that Trubisky is hesitant to pull the trigger when throwing the ball, and that he has to let it rip or he could get the hook.

Coach Mike Tomlin stays behind Trubisky. Is the rest of the building? Is the dressing room? Chances are the pendulum is swinging, if it hasn’t already swung. Tonight in Cleveland could be Trubisky’s last chance.

It would be risky to change anything tonight. Pickett got no first-team replays in the short week. But it can’t be ruled out if Trubisky is struggling. And if tonight doesn’t go well for the attack, the extra three days to prepare for the Jets could be just what the Steelers need to fully prepare Pickett.

Something has to be done quickly or things will get out of hand for the Steelers. Tonight’s game is up for grabs, just like the next one. Then? At Bills, Bucs, At Dolphins, At Eagles. Those teams are currently a combined 8-0.

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