Bluberi Shows How Success Is Made at the Global Gaming Expo October 11 – 13 in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV –News Direct– Bluberi Gaming

Bluberi of (the “Company”) announced today that it will showcase its lineup of fun and favorite casino gaming games from October 11-13 at the Global Gaming Expo (“G2E”) at the Sands Expo® in Las Vegas. In addition to displaying its product portfolio at booth 2859, Bluberi will also provide a behind-the-scenes look at how they are currently creating market-leading content.

“This is the biggest show in the history of our company and certainly in my career,” said Andrew Burke, Bluberi’s Chief Executive Officer. “We now have a top game on the market with Devil’s Lock, but we’re even more excited to present our upcoming game library and a range of fascinating game features. We feel like we’re a little bit different in the industry led by great people who make great products.”

“And it’s the people who move us forward,” Burke adds. “Every company has core values, but we strive to embody them every day and we weave each of our 7 core values ​​into our physical game displays at G2E. Our core value is ‘We Are the New School’ and we are excited to illustrate why that is the case.”

On G2E, Bluberi will support four different cabinets, with the main focus on the workhorse Novus b49, currently one of the best performing hardware available in the industry. The company will display current b49 themes such as: Fu Bamboo as well as upcoming products like Xing Fu 888, Rocket rumbleand Double Flamin’ Link.

“We look forward to doing more than just inundating our customers with games and information they won’t remember or remember,” said Mike Brennan, Bluberi’s Chief Product Officer. “We’re going to explain the hows and whys, while revealing parts of the process that we believe will make every success we achieve understandable and repeatable.”

“We will also be showing at least 7 techniques that we don’t think have ever been done at a gaming show before,” continues Brennan. “Our creative talent will create custom games for customers right at our booth, and other events will focus on the tactile: a bizarre soup of development grids, tattoos, high-roller badges, gaming archetypes and custom-brewed beer.”

Bluberi is rising fast in North America, posting new cabinets and content every month. The company is adding more and more jurisdictions to its base every day and still has over 75% of the North American market to expand into. Every game release in 2022 has delivered strong performance, led by the above devil’s lock, which is growing in placements and has not yet found market saturation.

“The momentum we have to move into G2E is the strongest of my career,” said Casey Whalen, Bluberi’s Chief Commercial Officer. “The buzz around us is strong and G2E is the perfect time to show the individuality and authenticity of our people up close and personal. And we can’t wait to reveal all this to our customers, both our loyal current customers and some potential new ones.”


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Backed by over 25 years of industry experience, Bluberi is an established and trusted company with a comprehensive vision to provide the highest quality casino gaming experience to players in Class II and Class III markets around the world. We strive to provide industry-leading customer service by being the easiest company to do business with and pride ourselves on being a flexible supplier; able to respond quickly to customer feedback as we grow into a best-in-class gaming partner. For more information, visit

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