Tom Jones treated by medics after he collapsed minutes before the show

Sir Tom Jones has been forced to abruptly cancel a concert and seek medical attention after collapsing minutes before he was due to take the stage. Sir Tom Jones had to postpone a concert in Budapest on Monday night after collapsing minutes before he was due to take the stage. The 82-year-old Welsh singer became … Read more

Evgeni Malkin could sign a one-year incentive-packed deal with a Penguins rival

The Washington Capitals are Nicklas Backstrom-less and will be without the second-line center for much of next year after the Swede undergoes hip surgery. Brian MacLellan, chief executive of Capitals, said the team would like to fill that gap internally. …But! There is an intriguing option for the Capitals to consider that is 100 percent … Read more

Tall covid patients leave UK to seek unproven cure, report says

(Bloomberg) – According to a report, thousands of British patients with long-term Covid are leaving the country to seek expensive unproven treatments, such as ‘blood washing’. Many travel to private clinics in Cyprus, Germany and Switzerland for apheresis – a blood filtering procedure – and anticoagulant therapy, according to the research published Tuesday in the … Read more

Charcuterie’s link to colon cancer confirmed by French authorities | France

French health authorities say they have confirmed a link between nitrates added to processed meat and colon cancer, which is a blow to the country’s prized ham and sausage industry. The national food safety agency Anses said its study of data published on the subject supported similar conclusions in 2015 from the World Health Organization … Read more

Catching flu and Covid at the same time can reduce symptoms… but only if you get the flu first

The flu may help protect you from Covid if you’re infected with both at the same time, a study suggests. Tests showed that flu can suppress SARS-CoV-2 — the pandemic-causing virus — by preventing it from attacking the lungs. However, getting infected with SARS-CoV-2 didn’t initially seem to protect against the flu. Researchers have no … Read more