NJ salon owner warns of ‘adverse’ impact of inflation: ‘We are being abused by the top’

J. Walker Salon owner Jessica Walker discusses how inflation has “dramatically increased” her operating expenses in “Cavuto: Coast to Coast.” J. Walker Salon owner Jessica Walker says inflation has increased the cost of some goods by as much as 400%, telling “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on Tuesday that after 25 years in business, she’s never … Read more

Europe’s heatwave leaves some Londoners wondering if climate change could make this ancient city unbearable in the future

The UK has experienced scorching heat like never before, causing all sorts of problems in a country built for cool, drizzly weather. Temperatures in the country reached 40 degrees Celsius for the first time since measurements began, peaking at 40.3 degrees in Coningsby, a small village in the English Midlands. It is about 1.6 degrees … Read more

The Snyder Cut’s Online Fandom Was Reportedly Infected With Bots

While quite a few real people campaigned for the release of #TheSnyderCut before Warner Bros.’ Announcement 2021, new coverage from rolling stone suggests that a significant portion of the film’s social media hype was driven by bots and inauthentic accounts. When Warner Bros. announced last year that it planned to release an extended 2017 version … Read more

Goals and Highlights: Rangers 3-1 West Ham in friendly match 2022 | 19-07-2022

17:31 20 minutes ago End of the match 4:36 PM hours ago 90′ It is over! Rangers beat West Ham emphatically in this friendly encounter 4:27 PM hours ago 79′ West Ham’s cross, but home defense eventually clears the ball 16:18 2 hours ago 70′ Goal, goal, goal for West Ham! Soucek eventually pushes the … Read more

Private but regulated tokens could beat CBDCs, Australian central bank chief says

Cryptocurrencies issued by private companies could outperform central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) if the companies are properly regulated, Australian central bank governor Phillip Lowe said on July 17, according to a Reuters report. Lowe’s comments were part of a panel discussion at the G20 financial officials meeting in Indonesia. lowie said: “I tend to think … Read more

Steve Bannon’s trial now has a jury. Here’s what we know about them.

Steve Bannon attorney David Schoen and prosecutor Amanda Vaughn will argue Tuesday before U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols. (Sketch by Bill Hennessy) Before going into recess, Judge Carl Nichols seemed inclined to rule that the October 2021 communications between the commission and Steve Bannon could be admitted at trial, but only if the portions of … Read more

Chris Hemsworth celebrated his wife’s birthday with a Swole Love and Thunder set photo, after admitting she wasn’t a fan of Thor’s looks

Chris Hemsworth is the king of the box office for the second week in a row thanks Thor: Love and Thunder, but the actor was not focused on celebrating the success of his film this weekend. Instead, he celebrated his wife’s birthday, with a photo of the two of them that happened to be taken … Read more

Australian households spend $4,500 a year on entertainment, with streaming and gaming making up the bulk of the market, report says | Australian media

Australians are spending more than ever on entertainment, internet access and media, with streaming services such as Netflix and gaming accounting for the bulk of the $45.6 billion entertainment pie. Perhaps as a result of lockdown habits, spending rose 6.23% in 2021 and by the end of the year, annual household spending will have increased … Read more