10 Scariest Monsters in Gaming

Monsters have been part of art as long as it has existed, like the dragon in spoken stories. As life progressed, the creation of even more monsters took over all forms of media. Video games take monsters and go crazy at what they choose to design, with some based on concepts from the past while others are unique to themselves.

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Several of these monsters have brought fear to players’ eyes. This is either because the monster was too scary to witness or far too powerful that just going against him would be enough to make anyone tremble with fear.


10/10 Deathclaws — Fallout Series

What originally started as a companion in Fallout 2 quickly turned into one of the most feared monsters in the entire Fallout series. Very often, when players take on one of these beasts, they get knocked out very quickly.

The scariest thing about the Deathclaw is that they get stronger as the series progresses. Fallout 4 features the Mythic Deathclaw, the most powerful in the series. This monster brought fear with it as usually even the weaker unsuspecting players would kill in one shot.

9/10 Ludwig the Cursed – Bloodborne

Ludwig, The Accursed in Bloodborne, is an enemy who personifies madness throughout his being. Often his dialogue resembles soldiers who have passed under him, along with the screams of a tormented beast. He then switches to a much more noble-sounding man as soon as he grabs the sword. It’s unpleasant in a disturbingly creepy way.

This boss is hard to beat, but also scary to watch throughout the fight.

8/10 Horrors — Warcraft Series

Abominations are part of the Undead army in the Warcraft series. This is a cool monster design that has taken the Frankenstein concept and molded it into something much messier and grotesque than what is given in the original Frankenstein. Horrors look like a hodgepodge of body parts.

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These monsters look like they were bred for war and are mainly seen as guards in World of Warcraft. They wield up to three weapons and are generally interesting monsters.

7/10 Cowman — The Woods

The Cowman is someone who will scare almost anyone who plays The Forest. It can ram the players at extremely high speeds and kill them instantly if they don’t pay attention. The mutant also has an insane amount of health that players must endure, and his regular blows deal massive damage.

On top of his ability, the mutant is terrifying to watch because he acts like a rhinoceros, called the Cowman, yet looks like a chicken. It is an extremely deformed creature that is threatening in every way.

6/10 Xenomorph – Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation may have been a little too long, but the game still featured one of the best monsters in the video game world: the Xenomorph. This monster makes players want to be as quiet as possible and understand to recognize it at all times because one wrong move would lead to death.

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The Xenomorph has numerous ways in which it can kill the player, and some lead to moments where players will feel a terror similar to what they would feel in a haunted house.

5/10 Pregnant Necromorph — Dead Space Series

The Pregnant Necromorphs in the Dead Space series are infected humans consisting of only one person. The appearance of this monster is horrifying because the arms are actually connected to its side and the claws rip out of the monster’s shoulders. The gelatinous belly is also very ugly.

Pregnant Necromorphs may not even be pregnant from what the game says and are mainly composed of people who happen to have more fat tissue.

4/10 Twin Victims — Silent Hill 4: The Room

Silent Hill 4: The Room takes baby shuddering to a whole other level. The twin victims are huge conjoined twins whose pale skin makes them look dead. They walk around on their giant arms and have torn robes to accompany them, giving them a disturbing appearance.

Beyond their appearance, they fight with a ruthless attitude and make major attacks on the game’s protagonist, Henry.

3/10 Laura – The Evil Inside

Laura in The Evil Within is a scary monster as she walks on all fours and has a second pair of arms extending out of her back. She moves quite slowly, but can move from corpse to corpse and is bursting with blood when she tears out. She is persistent in her pursuit of the player throughout the game and appears as a primary antagonist of the first title.

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She is an enemy that players need to be very careful with or else they will be killed by her in an instant. So they have to be in constant motion when facing her.

2/10 Chris Walker — Outlast

Chris Walker of Outlast is a former Marine who fought in Afghanistan. As his life progressed, he went mad and started killing people left and right. In the game, he has completely lost it, and his bloodlust has taken over him. Chris Walker will chase the player until he kills or loses him.

He is the strongest of the variants in the first Outlast game. Everything about Chris Walker seems wrong as he is also one of the most monstrous of all the variants in the Outlast series.

1/10 Jack — Resident Evil: Biohazard

Jack in Resident Evil: Biohazard is a monster made to be completely feared. During the first part of Biohazard, there is a big question of whether Jack will ever really be killable. Every time Jack goes down, he comes back more powerful with something more deadly up his sleeve.

Jack likes to hold players in tight spaces, so it’s an absolutely horrifying experience to take on him when players aren’t used to the controls at first.

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